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A husband an a wife r having a fight, the man calls the woman a bitch, the woman calls the man a bastard, the son says "wats a bitch an a bastard?" The parents say "ladies an gentlemen".
The next nite they r havin sex she is saying toch my titties and he says grab my dick, the son says " wats titties an dick?" They say "hats and coats."
The next day is thanks giving and the father is shaving and cuts him self and says "SHIT" the son says wats shit? The father says its my shaving cream. The son goes down stares where his mum is cutting the turkey and stabs herself "FUCK" she says, wat does fuck mean says son, it means stuffing the turket says the mother, [ the doorbell rings], "would u get that". The son answers the door to the relatives, " ok u bitches an bastards putt your dicks and titties in the cupboard, dad is up stairs whiping the shit off his face and mum is in the kitchen fuckin the turkey."

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